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If I wasn't Jess...

It has probably been done, but I am interested to find out what you were all going to be called when you were a baby?

For me, I was going to be Jessica or Rebecca (or Matthew Kenneth if I was a boy)

If you could change your name (not that you would want to!) what would you change it to?

I'd change it to something a little more unique... I love the name Alexis/Alexa, which is what I want to name my daughter so I'd probably change to that... Alexa Elizabeth.
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If I wasn't named Jessica.. I would have been named Randi or Toni (EWW!!) I wouldn't change my name.. I like Jessica.
haha... creepy. I would've been named Matthew if I was a boy, like you, and on an unrelated note, my step-sister's name is Rebecca! Creepy, creepy. Hehehe. :)
My mom planned on Emilyine, from the movie The Blue Lagoon. She was talked out of it last minute, and decided to name me Jessica because it wasn't popular then.

I would like the name Emilyine. Its not popular and I think its pretty. I promised my mom that I would name my daughter that if I have one when I'm older.
I like my first name - it's my last name I would kill to change. My mother and I have never discussed anything like this, because she's weird.
My mom was thinking about naming me Rebecca also!!! Weird! Was that another popular name from '82?

I love my name... I wouldn't trade it for the world. :)
The only thing I would trade is having to share it with so many other girls in my 5th grade class! Haha!