babyjess8 (babyjess8) wrote in jessicas,

Too Many Jess's!

At school I was lucky enough to be the only Jessica/Jess in my grade, but now that I'm at university I am one of four in my tutorial group (one of which shares the same birthday and even the same place of birth at my local hospital!)

Plus, I just joined the soccer team and there already is a Jess there... even more amazing is that she is also a Jess B! When we do our best player votes at the end of the match people have resorted to writing Big Jess for the other Jess, and Little Jess for me. My coach has been refering to us as capital J and lower case j!

Anyone have any ways to combat this problem?

Anyone have similar stories of there being too many Jess's in the one place at the one time?
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Haha, I'm a Jess B.

I finished my uni degree last year and I had only met one other Jess during the three years, which is a bit strange. Maybe there's just a Jess-deficiency at my uni.
ive always had at least one other jess in my grade sice like pre k. infact there used to be a jessi that lived upstairs from me. we were best friends for the longest time. she was jessi marie and I was jessi Lee. thats how our parent told us apart. and at one point in middle school there was 3 of us.
Where I work there's 3 other Jessica's. Sucks when one of us get a complaint.

Yall could go by middle names. Unless of course yall share middles names too...
I just joined this community not too long ago... browsing back through the entries...

I had 4 other Jessica's in my 5th grade class. We just went by Jessica+last initial (I was Jessica J). Of course, that obviously is a problem if more than one Jessica has the same last initial... haha!